Moving On a Budget!

Mover With Boxes Smiling

Did you know that moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life? Alongside with death of a loved one, divorce, and workplace stressors, moving is one of the events that cause an enormous amount of anxiety and worry. Many people plan and work hard for years so that one day they can afford to finally make their dreams come true and live in the perfect home. That is why you need to invest a lot of time and energy into planning and executing your relocation. Even though people get stressed for the reasons of responsibility and organization, the biggest issue is usually the budget. Buying or renting a new house, apartment or office is a huge expense by itself, but who would’ve thought that process of relocation could also leave you penniless with so many things that you have to take care of? 

It doesn’t have to be like this. Not only that you can put some effort and find cheap movers, but you can also do many other things in order to save money on your local move. For many people, moving is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so taking the time to plan it and execute it properly is a necessary way to approach it. The key point is taking enough time to plan and organize your move. From finding cheap movers to scheduling utilities, all the steps have to be taken in a timely manner. If you really invest your time and energy into making your local move less expensive and money-draining, it absolutely doesn’t have to leave you broke. Yes, it won’t be easy nor cheap, but with affordable movers and other steps that you can take, it can be a lot better and leave you in a much better position. 

We prepared some tips that can be helpful if you want to make your local move as affordable as it could possibly be. Not only will we talk about cheap movers and how to find them, but also about some other things that might not seem important, but play an important role if you want to move on a budget. Being local movers for a long time, we managed to gain a better perspective and come up with great ways to make your local moving as smooth and efficient as possible. 

Think thoroughly about the date

The first and the most important step, before you start thinking about finding cheap movers and decluttering, is definitely your moving date. If you really care about your relocation, which you probably do, you will have to decide your moving date as soon as possible and have enough time to go through all the other details about your relocation in detail. If you care about moving on a budget, then you have to take enough time to find good cheap movers and to choose your timing wisely. What does it mean? Well, it became a rule that everybody wants to move during spring and summer since everything’s easy when the sun is shining and the temperature is pleasant. That is why, even if it’s not as convenient, moving in fall or winter is usually better for your budget, and chances to find cheap movers are significantly higher. The same goes for moving during the weekends and weekdays. Of course, weekends are much more convenient, since you don’t have to leave your workplace and you have enough time to prepare for the week that is ahead of you, but this is also the reason why weekends are very busy and finding cheap movers for the weekends is a lot more difficult. That is why you need to choose your date wisely and calculate what is the smartest decision that you can make. 

Do your research properly in order to find cheap movers

Finding cheap movers has become easier than ever. Just imagine how complicated it was for the people before to find good cheap movers. Nowadays, with the internet, cheap movers are just one click away from you. Try writing “cheap movers”, “affordable movers”, “budget movers” or even “cheap movers near me” if you want more specific research. You’ll be dazzled to see how many local moving companies are out there and how many cheap movers you’ll find in the blink of an eye. However, this is only one step in the way. To find really good cheap movers, you will have to invest more time and energy into exploring, reading, and meeting with your local movers. Nowadays, many local movers claim to be both professional and cheap movers, but that is not the whole truth. If you want to find good cheap movers that will also provide you with good quality service, make sure that you’ve read reviews from their other customers, ask around, get in touch with your local movers, schedule meetings with few budget movers and choose the ones that suit you best. Quality doesn’t always have to come with the price, but you don’t want to test that saying with your local move. Investing your time and energy into finding capable, trustworthy, and experienced cheap movers will save you a lot of money, but also a lot of trouble in the process. 

Get your moving costs estimated

When you find a few companies of cheap movers that you like, it is essential that you schedule meetings with all of them and get your moving costs estimated. Nowadays, many local movers offer a free moving quote, so you can see right away if the company is a good fit for you. When you get your moving costs estimated by the cheap movers you choose, you can easily calculate and start thinking about other ways that you can save money. Not only that you should ask your cheap movers for the moving quote, but you should also talk with them about different kinds of services they can provide you with. When you decide to hire local movers, and you’re trying the find cheap movers as well, don’t forget that you don’t have to get the full service. When you find cheap movers who are experienced professionals they will try to come up with the best plan to fit your budget and meet your expectations. That is why planning in advance, choosing the right date, and taking the time to find your cheap movers are inevitable steps that you should take before you get your moving costs estimated and finally seal the deal with your local movers. If you find good cheap movers they will really be your best partners, and everything will be much smoother and faster.

Get rid of everything you don’t need

Whether you’re trying to save some money on your local move or not, decluttering and getting rid of everything that you don’t need or use anymore is always a step that we highly recommend. We all tend to store so many things around our homes. Until the time for moving comes, we don’t even know that we have so many unnecessary things around. It is difficult for us to get rid of some of our dear belongings, but it’s also very complicated and expensive to move them with us everywhere we go. When you decide to hire local movers, no matter if they’re cheap movers or not, their price will depend on the time they spend working. Logically, if you have a lot of things to pack and move, your cheap movers will spend more time working and therefore, your relocation will cost more as well. That is why decluttering and making sure that you’re taking just the things that you really love and use frequently is a bit of important advice for saving money on a local move. Not to mention how great it is to move to your new house and start your life on a new slate, without the baggage of the old, unused, and damaged items all around. After you book your cheap movers and arrange everything with them, start decluttering step-by-step. It might get emotional and overwhelming, but the feeling of freedom that you’ll get after you finish is worth it. Not to mention all the cash that you’ll save by making your relocation a lot faster for your cheap movers.

Turn clutter into cash

The next logical step after choosing the date, finding great and cheap movers, as well as, decluttering is – trying to make some money from all these things that you don’t find useful anymore. You’d get surprised how some things that are meaningless to you might mean the world to others. Not only that selling the things you don’t need anymore will help you get rid of them and earn some money, but will also be a very good deed and a great help for someone else, which can make you feel a lot better for throwing your things away. Of course, we’re not talking about some bad, damaged items that can’t be of any use, but we’re sure that you have a lot of clothes, toys, kitchen appliances, even bigger pieces of furniture that you’re just moving from one place to another, always asking yourself why they’re still around the house. Organizing garage sale or making an online sale are both great choices for earning some money and helping someone at the same time. If you organize everything like this, moving to your new home and the moment when your cheap movers unload the moving truck and finish your relocation will truly be the beginning of a completely new chapter of your life with a lot more money and joy than you’d expect.

Handle your utilities in a good way

Even though utilities are inevitable and you can move without scheduling your utilities, the timing is very important if you want to save some money on your local move. Finding cheap movers and decluttering can save you a lot of money, but thinking about all the other details that can be done is also a good way for making your relocation a lot easier for your budget. Why would you have your utilities switched on if you are not using them? Make sure that you schedule switching off utilities at your old home and setting them up at your new place in a timely manner. When you just think about it, it doesn’t make a significant difference, but try to put it on a piece of paper and make some calculations. You’ll be amazed how these little things can make a huge difference when it comes to saving money on your local move.

Be well-prepared for the Moving Day

You made sure to organize everything well, find the best and yet cheap movers, declutter and schedule your utilities, but don’t get too comfortable just yet. Before your cheap movers arrive at your doorstep, make sure that everything is ready for them to work in a fast and efficient manner. Try to label the boxes, group the things that should go together, make enough space for movers to work uninterruptedly. Also, don’t forget to make sure your cheap movers have elevators and stairs available if you live in a building because waiting can cost you a lot of money. Don’t let anything get in the way of your perfect relocation, because you’ve come a long way to make this relocation more affordable and convenient. Be sure that you prepared all the necessities, such as documents, toiletries, food, etc. to be by your side, just in case. Do everything in your power to be completely positive that this day will go flawlessly and your budget movers will do their part in the same way.

These were our top tips for moving on a budget. Even though those are just basic steps, many people tend to forget them when they find themselves in a stressful situation. That is why League City Movers are there for you and we’ll always do everything to make your relocation perfect. If you’re looking for high-quality, experienced, and trustworthy, yet cheap movers, give us a call and let’s handle your relocation in the blink of an eye together.