7 Reasons to Move to League City TX

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If you are thinking about changing your location locally in Houston, you should think about League City. We created a list of things that you can do in League City and why is it a nice place to relocate here with your family.

  1. More affordable

If you take everything in consideration, League City has a reasonable cost of living. If you compare it with other cities with similar offerings, League City is cheaper. House prices are less expensive than the other areas in Texas. You will save some money on energy costs and there is no state income tax.

  1. Location of the city

League City is located between Houston and Galveston on the south shore of Clear Lake. It is just 24 miles away from Houston. It is a great location for those who love weekend getaways, because you can easily get to anything in the neighborhood. We would recommend Armand Bayou Nature Center, which is the largest urban wilderness in the US. Those who love to be outdoors will love it here.

  1. Recreational lifestyle

If you are into fitness, you would love this city, because there is a huge workout scene. Whether you like yoga and pilates or crossfit, you will find it here. If you like to workout outdoors, there are a lot of parks around the town, so you can go running or walking. If you are not a sports fan, you can go for a nice walk or just relax in the park.

  1. Job market is growing

If you are planning to change your career or job, you should know that the job market is expanding rapidly. There are new businesses opening all around the city. Lots of young people are moving in this area to find new opportunities. Top industries in Houston are energetic, aviation, distribution, manufacturing and medical industries. You will have lots of opportunities to change your profession here.

  1. Students will have access to all of Texas’ top Universities

If you are moving here with your kids that are students or they will be soon, this is a great place for you. Even if you are a student, you will love it here. There is a great school district here as well. In the area you will find HISD, which is the largest in the state of Texas and operates 283 schools. There are plenty of options for all ages.

  1. It’s all about food

Food in League City is not only diverse, but it is delicious. We know it is a cliche to mention barbeque and Tex Mex, but you should try it here for sure. League City is not just about barbeque, you will find a paradise for foodies. Vietnamese food is also amazing in League City. In general, Asian food here is worth trying. In the League City and the area around, you can eat at a different restaurant every night for a year and still not hit them all. You might think Texas is all about meat, but you can find great vegan restaurants here as well. Italian, Indian, American food… That is what makes food here world famous. Not only you should try food, but check one of the bars and have good old craft beer. You will love the vibe in this town.

  1. Diversity of attractions and activities

Life in Houston will never be boring because League City is a unique blend of Texas traditions and modern city lifestyle. That is what makes it an interesting city for everyone. You can check the Museum District with 19 different museums. Don’t forget to check the Theater District with the incredible shows. If you love shopping, check the mall, there are over 400 stores and restaurants. There are plenty of activities to spend the time here. If you have kids, they will enjoy it here. Together with your little ones check Space Center Houston, Downtown Aquarium and Houston Zoo. Houston Zoo has over 6000 animals and insects. There is also a Children’s Museum with rotating exhibits and countless activities.