About Us

We started as a small local business and now we are a team that consist of sales agents, customer care agents, movers, packers, drivers and managers.

Movers League city is a locally owned and operated moving company that was founded by two brothers 12 years ago. Since then we haven’t stopped learning and improving the quality of our service. Our main goal was to hire professional, but young movers that we can train and learn how to conduct a proper move. Even though our team is getting bigger, we are still able to keep that family vibe in our company. Family comes first and that is something that was our biggest motivation to start our career in the moving industry.

Now, we are proud to say that we can perform any kind of local move that you need and we can perform it quality.

The average person in the US moves around 12 times during their life. We wanted to make that moving enjoyable and not a stressful and unpleasant experience, like you can hear for the feedback of many clients that had moved before. We were working on our professionalism and gained a lot of experience during that process. Safety, efficiently and quality should never suffer over profit. For us, the biggest reward is seeing you and your family starting your new life in your new home with a smile on your faces.