10 Tips for Hiring Professional Movers

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Relocating from one location to another is very stressful and exhausting, even if you are moving a few blocks away there are still many things that could go wrong without the help from professional movers. There are a lot of different reasons why you should hire professional movers, but for now, we will give you 10 reasons to hire a professional moving company.

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But, then again, hiring professional movers will not be cheap, especially if you own a big home with a lot of items in it or planning to move long-distance, and not everyone is financially capable of hiring movers. Although there are some ways to make this move quite cheaper, we will teach you that in this blog, and we will also give you 10 tips for hiring professional movers. 

The best tips for hiring professional movers 

Ask for references and look at reviews 

If you have some friends or relatives who moved recently, ask them about the moving company they choose and what was their experience with them. The best way to find reliable local movers is to ask for a reference. You can go out with your friends, this also might be a good time to catch up and inform them about your upcoming move. 
Also, check the company’s reviews before deciding whether to hire them or not. Good thing that you can look this thing up easily on the internet since there is no better way to find out if the company is trustworthy than looking at other people’s experiences with them.

Look at companies' Google reviews before deciding whether to hire them or not

Get multiple moving quotes 

In order to find which professional movers are top-notch movers, you will have to call all your local movers and get a moving quote from all of them. Also, it would be great if you could keep notes for all those companies since this will help you later on to make a final decision. 

After calling everyone it is time to choose the right packers and movers, if you decide to hire League City Movers, you will not be disappointed. Our motivated movers know how to move all your belongings most efficiently in the shortest period of time. 

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Can they provide you with a moving estimate that suits you? 

Moving companies use 3 different types of moving estimates, to choose the right professional movers you need to be informed about all 3 types of those estimates. 

Bidding estimate – when you get this type of estimate, this will also be your final price and it is not flexible, this has both bad and a good side, in case your items weigh less than expected you will be still paying the same price, but also if your items end up weighing more then expected you will be paying the original price too 

Non-binding estimate – this type of estimate is flexible, which means that your final cost does not necessarily have to be that price they originally provide you with, it all depends on the weight of your items, but the good thing is that they can not charge you up to 110% more than what they sad when you were getting your moving quote 

Bidding not-to-exceed estimate – this one is the least used in moving companies, the reason is that it is the best type of estimate for customers, they can not charge more than you agreed to at the beginning, but they will charge less if your items end up weighing less than expected. 

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Make sure they are licensed and insured 

The biggest red flag a moving company can give is not owning a license and insurance. This means that they are running their business illegally, and they most certainly do not care about the safety of your precious belongings. No matter how low prices they might offer you, do not accept it, you do not want your belongings getting damaged for cheap services. 

Instead, you should hire movers that have both license and insurance, like League City Movers, who are one of the best professional movers nearby. 

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Do they have professional movers for all their services? 

Every moving service is different and needs a different approach, which is why all moving companies should have various types of movers for all kinds of moving services. 

Our League City Movers can provide you with professional movers for every single moving type. Also, all our motivated movers went through hard training to become your reliable professional movers, they all have experience in their moving type, so you will not have to worry about the safety of your items in our hands. 

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Do not pay a big deposit 

Most professional movers will ask you for some sort of deposit if you decide to book a move with them, but if they ask you for a large amount of money to pay in advance you need to decline. There is no reason for them to ask you to pay a large amount of money before getting your services done. The best thing would be to skip those companies and look for ones more reliable. 

Buy moving insurance 

Moving insurance is a must, it does not matter how much you trust your local movers, there are still a lot of things that can go wrong during this whole moving experience. This is why you need to purchase moving insurance, in case something does happen to your items your movers will make it up to you since you bought moving insurance. 

Make sure they do not have any hidden fees 

A lot of companies have some hidden fees they will not tell you about when you talk to them over the phone. They will wait for you to book a move with them, and after providing you with the services you hired, they will charge you for the move and add some hidden fees to that cost. 

Make sure to ask your relocating specialist if their company has some hidden fees or if there is a possibility that some extra charges will appear. 

Read the contract before signing it 

Do not sign the contract before reading it! Also, make sure to read everything on that paper, especially the parts written in small letters since companies use this tactic to prevent you from seeing things they do not want you to see on that contract. 

Make sure you read the contract before signing it

Inform yourself about all the company policies

Every company has some policies and those policies are different from company to company, which is why you need to be informed about all the policies that professional movers you choose have. 

What is their cancellation policy, what will happen if some of your items get damaged? Also, there are probably some items that your local movers would not move, make sure to ask about that too, so you can avoid some inconvenient situations. 

Tips for moving on a budget

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Get a free moving quote from professional movers 

If you want to find out the cost to hire movers, League City Movers can provide you with a FREE moving quote, it is just one call away or you can even request one on our website, and we will respond within 24h. 

We are the trustworthy motivated movers that can provide you with professional movers for every moving service that you can need, and some of them are even free, like making you an inventory list for the move or disassembling and assembling your furniture. Book your move with us here