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If you have a piano, it is either a part of family heritage or it is your piano that you have sentimental values for. Therefore, you would like to damage the piano, which can easily happen if you don’t know how to handle the piano moving. But, don’t worry, League City Movers have especially trained professionals, who can assist you with this type of moves.

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Why should you hire help and not move it by yourself ?

Moving is already stressful, even if you do not have a lot of heavier items. Imagine the stress of moving a heavy item like a piano. You should hire a piano moving company in Houston that can help you with this process. This way you will avoid injuries and damages to the piano and your property. Besides that, here are couple of reasons why you should hire professional piano movers in Houston:


Pianos are very heavy

Without the special knowledge of piano moving, the move can easily turn into a disaster. But don't worry, with League City Movers, your piano moving will be a piece of caces, since we are the best piano movers in Houston.


Moving a piano requires the right equipment

Piano movers bring special materials and equipment with them when they are moving. We will provide all of the necessary straps to better secure the piano during the move. In addition, we are bringing dollies,so we can support the weight of the piano.


Piano movers of Texas will protect the piano

for example, they will not forget to secure the piano, they will make sure that keyboard is also protected and locked. They will wrap and protect the piano in order to avoid the damages


Piano movers in Houston are specially trained for these types of moves

They know exactly how to handle the heavy lifting. League city movers make a special plan for all kinds of moves and they will always include you in the process.


They will secure the piano in the truck

B9esides wrapping it and protecting it before the loading, they will use special moving straps in order to secure the piano during the transportation process

If you already packed everything, this will be a quick move, since our movers will just load everything into the truck. However, if you need help with packing, we will pack everything and move all in the same day.

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We are the best piano movers in Houston

Our movers have been in the business for many years and they have experience with moving all different kinds of pianos. They have special training every year, in order to keep their services at a professional level.

We are a fully licensed and insured company. We also provide all inclusive hourly rates and we have affordable prices. You can see that for yourself if you contact us.

We provide basic moving insurance. And we also have a dedicated customer care department. If something gets damaged, by any chance, our specialists will do everything in order to find a suitable solution.

We provide quality packing and moving materials. Besides only wrapping up your piano, we use special moving straps in order to safely transport it. With your piano in our hands, you don't need to worry at all.

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