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Moving gun safe is different from any other heavy item moves. If you don't know how to do it, it can be very dangerous. You probably thought that you can gather a couple of friends and you can move together. However, after reading a couple of articles about gun safe moving, you are reconsidering your decision. Definitely the safest option is to hire gun safe movers that are experienced, will move your safe without damages and nobody will be injured.

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Why are we the best gun safe movers ?

First and foremost, we are fully honest with you from the start of your moving process. We have been in the business for more than 15 years and our movers are specially trained for handling heavy items such as safes, pianos and all kinds of heavy equipment. However, these are the several reasons why we are the best gun safe moving company:

- Our trustworthy gun safe movers are specially trained for these types of moves

- We provide quality materials to protect the safe

- Our gun safe movers will move your safe without injuries or damages

-We use quality dollies and moving straps to transport the safe

- Efficient and stress free move

- We use floor protection in order to keep your property safe as well

- We provide a moving truck with special equipment to safely transport your safe

- Our company is licensed and insured

- Heavy lifting, long carries and stairs - we will not charge anything extra

- We provide basic moving insurance and taxes are included

- We are in the business for many years and have a lot of experience with safe moves

- Our rates are all inclusive, with no additional charges

Safety is our number one priority

Safety of customer's belongings in our gun safe movers is our first priority. We assume you wouldn't jeopardize anybody's safety, that is why you think that hiring movers is the right option. We will require a picture and the weight of your gun safe in order to make a detailed plan how to organize the moving process. It is also important that the gun safe is empty before the move. During the gun safe moving, our movers will:


Make a plan how to move the safe, measure the doors and safe and inspect any narrow spaces,
in order to avoid damages


Make sure that the safe is empty prior to the move


Wrap it up with quality packing material in order to protect it during the moving process


Use quality equipment, such as dollies, moving straps and ropes, so the loading an unloading
process will be easy


Use quality work gloves and wear comfortable clothes for their own safety


Protect floors to avoid damages

Using professional moving help will make this an easy process and you will avoid injuries and damages to your safe or your apartment/house. One important thing is that we do not charge anything additional for protecting the safe and we don’t have hidden fees.

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What can you do to prepare the safe for moving ?

It is always easier if the customer is included in the moving process. If you have the time to prepare your fun safe before the movers arrive, it will make their job a bit easier. You can help by:

- Providing the weight and dimensions of the safe

- Removing everything that is in the safe?

- Informing the movers if there are any narrow parts of the stairs that they should pay attention to

- What would be teh approximate square footage of your apartment?

- If it is mounted on the wall, unmount it prior to the movers arrival, so they can start with the moving process right away

What Do You Need To Get A Quote ?

The process of getting your free quote is quite simple. You should just contact us and answer a few questions regarding your labor move. Our representatives usually ask about the size of the move, approximate list of items and what kind of labor move you have in mind. After receiving all of the necessary information, they will provide an all inclusive hourly rate and you can proceed with making a reservation !

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