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Finding a suitable storage unit can be difficult. On top of that, you need professional movers that will help you with the move. In order to make at least one of those easier for you, you should hire League City Movers. The only thing you would need to do is to find storage in League City, the rest you can leave to us. You can maybe move smaller items on your own, but you can leave the heavier items to our professional movers !

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Hire dedicated movers with an all inclusive hourly rate !

You found the storage unit that is suitable for all of your needs. Now you need to make a moving plan and organize the moving into the storage. There is no need to burden yourself, we can do everything for you. Our crew can assist you with labor jobs, but as well with protecting everything before moving it into the storage. We will provide plastic wrap and we can also use the packing material you provide in order to secure everything. Everything will go fast and efficiently, since our movers have been in this business for many years and they know how to treat your belongings with special care.

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We are making your moving process a pleasant experience

If your belongings are already in the storage unit and you need them out and moved into your new home, we will organize the whole process. We rely on customers' feedback and we try to make every move a pleasant experience. When our customers are happy, we are eve happier, that is why we will do everything to make your move stress free and a great start of the new chapter of your life.

You need to move out of your storage unit soon, but you still haven't found the place to move into, League City Movers have a solution for that as well. We provide temporary storage in these situations. We can store your belongings for one night in our truck ! Contact us if this is something that you are interested in !

What kind of storage service can League City Movers provide ?

We have a variety of the services that we provide and we have a dedicated team that will help you organize your move. We are open 7 days a week and we are very responsive. You can receive a free quote right away and you can arrange everything with our specialists over the phone. When it comes to storage service, we can provide:


Standard moving service

Movers and a moving truck are included, we will help with loading and unloading


Packing service

Without moving, we can help you with packing and protecting your belongings prior to the move


Full packing and moving service

Which would include both - packing and moving, we can pack small and big items, and double protect them


Labor services

service without truck included, the movers will help with loading or unloading, this service can go with packing as well

If you already packed everything, this will be a quick move, since our movers will just load everything into the truck. However, if you need help with packing, we will pack everything and move all in the same day.

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Even if you still don’t have a storage unit to move into or everything is not organized yet, you can still get your free price estimate that will help you with your final decision ! When you contact your representatives, they will introduce you to our standard service, what is included in the price and how you can provide with making a reservation. Bear in mind that we have an all inclusive hourly rate with no additional charges, so don’t miss your chance to hire the best and most affordable movers in League City !

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