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You are thinking about hiring movers or you decided that you will use professional help, but also hate packing and think it is a very time consuming process, that you don't have the time to deal with. Maybe you think that full moving service is not affordable and that it is better that you do it for yourself. There is a common mistake that full service packers and movers are really expensive and out of your budget. That is not the case with League City Movers. We are not charging anything additional to pack your belongings, it is included in our full packing and moving service. Our professional movers and packers will pack everything as you guide them to, load everything into the truck and safely unload it at the final destination.

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Most important things to know when you are moving your office:

Office moves are a bit different than the residential moves. There is a lot of heavy and expensive equipment that needs to be packed and moved correctly, in order to avoid damage. Therefore, you need the best office movers in Houston ! In order to help you with the process, we use special tools and equipment and we always provide movers that are in the business for many years, since we know how delicate commercial moving can be. What can you do to make the process easier?


Movers will arrive at your locations

They will call you 30 minutes prior to the arrival, so you will be ready. They will examine your house or apartment and will give you an approximate estimate of the time that the move will take.


Packers and movers will start the packing process

Since we charge by the hour, the time will start the moment movers start working, not before that. They will pack everything by your instructions, all of the miscellaneous items and bigger items. They will label boxes and disassemble everything that needs to be disassembled.


Actual moving process

When you are hiring Houston moving help, you expect the movers to help you with moving the heavier items. Our packers and movers will help you not only with moving, they will wrap everything up with plastic wraps and moving blankets that are free of charge and they will load everything into the truck and secure it with moving straps.


Transportation of your belongings

We have professional drivers that will transport your belongings safely. As our packers and movers secured everything in the truck, everything will be transported without damages. If, by any chance, something gets damaged, we have insurance that is also provided free of charge.


Unloading a truck

This part of the job will go faster, since movers already know how they packed everything and they will just unload into the house or apartment, as you guide them where everything should go. They will reassemble everything that was disassembled and you can just enjoy it in your new home.


Our representatives are open for additional questions

If you have any questions after the move is finished or you need additional assistance, our representatives are available for you 7 days a week and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have !

What if you need packing service only?

You decided that you will be moving by yourself, or you just need to protect and pack your furniture because you are re-organising your apartment, we can provide that service as well. Our packers and movers can provide:

- Partial packing service

- Full Packing service

Partial packing service means that you will be packing some of the things, but you also need professional help with packing some of the belongings. Instead of spending days or weeks packing your belongings, our packers can do that in just one day ! They will safely pack everything, to avoid any potential damages.

Full packing service means that our packers will do everything for you. This service can be combined with moving as well, so packers and movers can do everything on your behalf. If you are using our packing services only, we will provide an all inclusive hourly rate, which means that we will not be charging for the time we need to arrive at your location. Packing materials such as plastic wraps and blankets are also included in the price. The boxes are the only additional charge, and it is optional. You have a choice:

- To use our boxes (we charge per box used)

- To use your own boxes (no additional charge)

- To combine both

How Can You Get A Quote ?

Easy ! Contact us now and our representative will explain everything to you. You should prepare some basic information about your move - the size of the move, the zip codes of your current location and the new locations and approximate list of items. Our representative will provide you with a free quote, based on those pieces of information.

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