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Not knowing where to start with your apartment move is common for most people who have an upcoming move. The good thing is that you don't need to start by yourself. Apartment movers can plan every part of your move and will make sure that everything is moved safely and efficiently. League City Movers are in the moving industry for more than 15 years and our professional movers are trained for all types of moves. We are familiar with all the things that can go wrong and our apartment movers will make sure to avoid all of them in order for your move to go as smoothly as possible.

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We provide full moving service at affordable price

Deciding to move is a big decision. After you decided to move, the next step would be to hire a moving company. Who better than League City Movers that have years of experience and all inclusive hourly rate. In addition, we do not charge anything additional for handling heavy items, long carries or stairs and we have no hidden fees. With our apartment movers you will be receiving:

- All inclusive hourly rate with no additional charges

- Trustworthy specially trained movers

- A moving truck with special equipment to safely transport your belongings

- No heavy item, long carries or stairs fees

- Efficient and stress free move

- Safely transporting the belongings by securing them in the truck as well

- No fuel or gas fee from your first to final destination

- Loading and unloading services

- Quality packing materials and professional packers

- Special equipment like dollies and moving straps

- Basic moving insurance

- Unpacking services, if customer requires

You can choose between several services our apartment movers provide

You can decide what part of the service you need, based on the list of items you will be moving and the size of your move. Of course, you can always advise our representative who can provide you with the estimate for your unique move. We can help you with:


Standard service

As a part of our standard service we will be protecting your belongings and providing loading and unloading services. We use plastic wraps and blankets in order to protect your items and they are free of charge ! We use moving straps to secure your belongings in our truck and professional driver will make sure that nothing gets damaged during the transportation process.


Packing service

If you do not have a lot of heavier items and you decided that you won’t be needing apartment movers, that is ok. However, in order to save some time, you can hire packers only ! League City Movers have the most professional packers, we are using quality packing materials in order to pack your belongings carefully. We will have everything prepared and packed within a day !


Full packing and moving service

This service allows you to just relax and leave everything to our apartment movers. From the start of your move until they unload the last items, they will be dedicated to keep everything safe and move it efficiently ! Besides packing and protecting your belongings, we will disassemble and reassemble your furniture, load everything carefully in the truck and make sure nothing gets damaged and they unload everything the way you guide us to ! We can also help with unpacking, if a customer requires it.

If you already packed everything, this will be a quick move, since our movers will just load everything into the truck. However, if you need help with packing, we will pack everything and move all in the same day.

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We will help you with the full moving process

Our apartment movers will help you move into your new home by doing everything on your end. Everything you need to do is to contact us and we will start with your moving process. Our sales representative will ask you several questions, so it would be better to be prepared. Here are the most usual questions:

- What is the moving date you prefer?

- What would be the zip codes from and to which you are moving?

- How many bedrooms are we moving?

- What would be teh approximate square footage of your apartment?

- Approximate list of items

How Quick Can You Receive Your Free Price Estimate ?

You can receive your free price estimate right away. We are just one call away ! As soon as you contact us, we will start with planning your moving process. We will also meet your building's requirements if you need to reserve an elevator or you need a Certificate of Insurance for your building, we have that covered as well ! Call us today and receive your free quote !

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